Nano-Silk Hair Straightening Iron


Hair Straightening Iron

Artistic control of hair moisture, tension and heat

Cutting-edge Nano-Silk laminating technology for heating plates prevents

hair cuticle damages by minimizing moisture vapor explosion in spite of high heats,

and the soft-textured layer of the plates enables glossy hair by providing

hairs with optimum tension during straightening.

Rapid temperature rise and heat recovery

Rise to 180 degree C in 20 sec.                                                                  

Our sensor-less heat control technique enables fast heat recovery,

It saves users’ time significantly.                                                             

Built-in Negative Ion Generator  

It emits millions of negative ions to eliminate static electricity, lock more

moisture to creates smooth, shiny-looking hair and lock out the frizz.      

Nano-Silk Hair Straightening Iron

Product Specifications

Product Name

Nano-silk Hair straightening Iron

Country of manufactureSouth Korea 
260 x 30 x 40 (mm) / 258g  (Main body) 
Rated Voltage 220V~, 60Hz
Power consumption39W
Heat control range

150~230 degree C


Hair dryer


Straightening Iron, Pouch, manual

Patent 10-1608454 (Design )
KC Safety certification HU071796-21008A / R-R-Jfe-JF-HI6042

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