Legato Dual

Legato 2 Way Grinder is for you. 

You should not give up both the convenience of an electric grinder and the flavor of a manual grinder.

From hand drip to espresso

by myself

In addition to hand drip, it is possible to extract espresso through very fine grindings.
You can grind easily by adjusting the degree of grinding just by turning the rotating shaft.
Now, enjoy a variety of coffee at home just like a cafe.

Enjoy your own coffee anywhere

Slim and compact design like the size of a tumbler.
The USB rechargeable cordless grinder.
You can fit it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go, so you can enjoy your own coffee.

Grinder development story

Why do the coffee tastes differ when they are brewed even with the same coffee beans?
Can a coffee beginner make delicious coffee?
These questions led to the development of a ‘Grinder’ that determines the flavor of coffee.


Product Specifications

Product NameLegato Dual Grinder
Country of manufactureChina
Product dimensions197 x 63mm (manual handle listed separately)
MaterialPC, metal (stainless) uncolored glass
Weight  762g
Using time
9 times * 25g based on hand drip grinding degree
Charging time≤ 90 minutes (based on 5V 2A adapter
Radio certification number


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