Choco banana mini straightener

For drooping bangs.

A small, light chocolate banana curler. 

Put it in a pouch! It's small and light, so you can style it while carrying it around. 

Technology 01

Special Design

The chocolate banana mini straightener is a USB-type straightener with a unique concept. 

Don't worry about bangs anymore.

 It is easy to use anywhere thanks to its compact size and dedicated storage cap. 

My bangs look perfect with a chocolate banana mini straightener.

Introducing choco banana 01

Perfect for pouch
Banana anywhere

It's a perfect size for one hand, from office to school.

It can give volume to drooping bangs.

Technology 02

Hair Ripped
Minimize Hair Damage

The temperature of the heating plate remains uniform throughout 

the heating plate, so only certain parts are needed.
It prevents overheating and prevents hair damage caused by sudden temperature changes.
Also, ceramic coating and plotting design were added to the heating plate to minimize hair tearing. 

Introduction to Choco Banana 02

Drooping bangs

Goodbye now 

Infinite styling of small, cute and precious curling iron!
From bangs to simple curls, lovely baby hairs can be worn up to S-curls.
Go out without worrying about your hair styling with a chocolate banana straightener. 


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