Your own 

healing time

Legato Signal is a palm-sized, ultra-mini griddle.
It is a griddle that you can easily cook with in your own small space.
From beef to shabu-shabu, make your own precious healing time with Legato Signal.

Mini camping alone    

Super mini griddle "Legato Signal" perfect for outdoor activities.

Although the size is small, the meat is the most delicious.             

The baking temperature can be adjusted up to 300 degree C.      

Resembling nature
Premium wooden 

A Legato signal created with craftsmanship.
100% natural walnut wood for premium home appliances.
Incorporate nature into your precious space with a deep toned-down color.



Product NameLegato Signal
Country of manufactureSouth Korea
Dimensions150 x 150 x 68 (mm)
Rated voltageAC 220V ~ 60HZ
Power consumption500w
Heat control range0 degree to 300 degree C
FunctionThermostatic Electric Griddle
ComponentsGriddle plate, main body with built-in temperature controller, electric cord, 
silicone (heat-resistant) gloves, user manual, recipe book
No. 10-1989873 (Technology) / No. 30-2020-0047532 (Design)
KC safety certification

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