Technology you dream, 
we deliver

Legato was founded in 2004 driven by creativity and innovation.

Our mission is to materialize new and fun ideas sleeping in our heads.

Designed with precise heat control

Legato is focusing on developing and selling small household appliances such as sleeping mats,

hair styling tools, irons, coffee roasters, etc. These seemingly unrelated diverse products are,     

however, connected by one thing exclusive to Legato: Our Precise Heat Control Technology.       

Special Heater Pattern Technology

It quickly reaches the target temperature, restores the rapidly dropped temperature back to the high temperature, 

and provides even thermal equilibrium and high energy efficiency. 

Not only that, the special paper-thin heater exclusive to Legato delivers the technologies you dreamed of.

A wide variety of home appliances are inextricably linked with our lives to achieve more 

convenient life styles. To make your home appliances more special, fun, and safer!         

Legato pays close attention to 
 the feedback of our customers

Brand Story

Boost Health, Beauty and Convenience

We connect your colorful lifestyle with

our various products

Legato Company Identity

We interconnect your life style with our various products.

5 Lines

; Unlimited Possibilities

Legato's 4 lines define flagship product lines, each representing Kitchen, Beauty, Coffee and other household appliances.

The fifth line represents our multifaceted product line, which embodies the endless possibilities with Legato.

Customer Service

++82 10 5682 8606 / 10:00 am – 5 pm / MON - FRI    


Legato Co., LTD.   |  CEO  : Hong, Jin Pyo  | Business Registration  No. : 477-81-01251   

E-mail.  Tel. ++82 70 4120 8606   Fax. ++82 32 624 3015

Head Office: Seokcheon-Ro 397, 302 Dong 601/602 Ho, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-Do,14449, South Korea

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