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JPH Film Heater

Why do home appliances all look the same?

Home appliances such as hair irons & tongs, electric griddle & grills, and electric mat make our life convenient. When you think of these products, they all have a typical image that is not so different from one another.

Conventional home appliances look mundane due to inevitable limitations of the hard and thick structures of the heaters embedded within the products.

Then what if we can make very thin and flexible heaters? Can we not make home appliances with unique shapes and sizes that we have only dreamed of? Legato's special JPH film heaters, which are very thin and flexible, started out from this question.

Heater Revolution; Slim, Light and Flexible

Legato heaters are paper-thin, flexible and weighs only 1/10 of the conventional heaters, By using these special heaters, we are making special appliances of your imagination possible.

Wait no more!

Reaches the desired temperature in the blink of an eye

An electric heating pad that is paper-thin and ultralight! Is it possible with Legato's technologies?

JPH film heater boasts the heating speed that is 10 times faster than all other products in the market. In the busy mornings, do you turn on the tong and wait long for it to reach the temperature you want? At the cold winter night, do you have to put a blanket over the electric heating pad and wait for so long to warm it up? JPH's film heater only takes about 10 seconds to reach the desired temperature. So you no longer have to waste your time waiting for the target temperature.

Analyzing temperature 250 times per second Sensor-less Technology

How does Legato film heater reach the desired temperature so fast even though it is so thin, light, and small compared to other products? The answer is our Sensor-less technology which controls heat without any sensors.

In conventional heaters, temperature sensors detect and measure the external surface temperature. Because the measured value is controlled after achieving the thermal equilibrium inside and outside the heater, the degree of precision drops and the heating speed and temperature restoration speed is slow.

Through  JPH film heater, the entire heater detects and measures the  temperature without any temperature sensors. We have developed and applied the cutting-edge CPU controlling technology which analyzes the input voltage and changes in load current 250 times in a second.

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