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Silica Heater

Why Silica Heater is special

comparing to conventional heaters

Heat recovery ability is more than 10 times faster.

Heat rise is more than 10 times faster.

Drastically lighter and thinner.

No thermal deformation.

100% thermal conductivity.

A complete insulator.

Harmless to human body.

High price competitiveness.

Making the world's first perfect insulator heater, Legato Silica Heater

Based on the pattern technology of JPH film heater and silica as a core material, we developed a new heater solution that is the world's first insulator and heater at the same time. It consists of more than 30 materials. 

We present new future of small home appliances. Hardened resin provides excellent stability and durability by combining insulating materials that can withstand up to 500 degree C and over 4,000 voltages.

Optimal structural design for 100% 

energy efficiency

Conventional heaters show a lot of energy loss because they have complex multi-layered designs that surround the heaters with 3-4 layers of insulators to satisfy mandatory regulations. For increasing energy efficiency, our heaters equip excellent heat conduction and are able to remove all unnecessary structures by using silica, as a main raw material, which is a perfect insulator.

Thermal efficiency is maximized with an optimal structural design that makes heats only used on the surface. Due to the minimized heat loss resulted from the improvement of material engineering, silica heater boasts 10 times faster temperature increase rate compared to other heaters.

Prevent burning! Maintain the thermal equilibrium on the surface!

In case of home appliances using high heats, the heating surface is often damaged or spoiled by the high temperatures. We prevent burns while ironing, cooking or styling. Silica heater is based on Legato's unique perfect thermal control technology, and maintains the optimum temperature by achieving thermal equilibrium evenly without higher or lower temperature portions on heating surface. The perfect thermal control technology makes the appliances more convenient and safer!

What makes Silica so Eco-friendly?

Silicon dioxide (SiO2) or silica, is the main component of glass and concrete, and is a natural mineral that occupies most of the earth's crust.

It is a safe material that withstands high temperatures, and has a very small expansion rate, and is resistant to rapid thermal changes. Thus, the temperature rises quickly, and does not rise above a certain temperature and melt or deform, and is free from the risk of various accidents such as an electric shock.

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