Legato Premium Griddle

Your kitchen made compact with Legato

3mm thick!

Easy to store anywhere

3 Degree Angle Science

When the griddle plate heats up, it causes a gentle deflection towards the center of the griddle plate.

It is scientifically designed by calculating the coefficient of linear expansion to act as a preventative measure from food falling while cooking.

Thin, but strong               

Legato special film heater, which heats up quickly, restores heats quickly

immediately after the temperature drops, and distributes heat evenly,    

is the secret of Legato Premium, which is slim and cooks well.                   


Detachable body

Griddle plate and cradles are separated for easy storage.
As the cradles are magnetic, it is convenient to store both cradles together with the plate.

Just wipe it off                     

Because there are no micropores on the surface of the Legato Premium plate,    

food does not stick or oil does not seep into it.  Thus, no matter what kinds of 

oils and seasonings you cook with, it will be cleaned in the blink of an eye.       


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