Smart Grinder
Legato Dual

It automatically calculates the remaining amount of coffee beans and stops when grinding is finished.

And it automatically detects bean jamming and rotates counterclockwise to deter jamming.

Smart two-way grinding blade

Preventing operating failure from bean jamming

The smart two-way grinding blade, first applied in coffee grinder industry, 

automatically detects bean jamming and keeps grinding by changing the direction back and forth. 

You can grind roasted beans and even green beans without worrying about breakages.

Maximizing coffee flavor                                            
Hardened metal conical burr                                    

The use of conical burrs minimizes the loss of coffee's intrinsic tastes and acidity while maximizing flavor.         

The metal blade, which is sharper than conventional conical burrs, allows for more delicate and even grinding.


Easy separation and cleaning

The Legato Dual is easy to disassemble, clean, reassemble, and set the grind levels,

so you can easily clean inside which can spoil the taste of coffee.

Smart Auto-sleep mode                                

It detects the amount of coffee beans remaining, automatically moves into power                    

saving mode when grinding is complete.  Therefore, it does not waste battery unnecessarily, 

and it can be used for longer time.                                                                                                         


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