We take a step closer towards our customers with 18 years of knowledge

and experience in global B2B technology development service field

Ever since our foundation in 2004, we have been collaborating with global home appliances and beauty device manufacturers 

based on our specialized electric thermal control and material engineering technologies. Now we will stay closer to our customers

as a company which develops and sells various home appliances such as kitchen devices and beauty tools and coffee machines

that are more closely related to our customers.

Hear is Our Story:












Launched Legato Premium, the world’s thinnest 5 mm electric griddle.

Developed various Legato cooking utensil lines including electric frying pans and mini griddle.

Firstly launched a bilateral grinding burr coffee grinder, Funchestra.

Transition to a corporate body (Formerly known as J-Fun Co., LTD.)

Developed a high molecular silica heater.

Developed and exported the world’s first high performance film heaters.

(Firstly applied to hair styling tools)

Developed the world's first wireless curling tong.

Developed the world's first Nano-Silk tape for hair stylers (Preventing hair damages)

Launched the world's first home coffee roaster equipped with smokeless function.

(Patented and technology exported)

Developed a smart home coffee roster applying sensor-less control technology (Patented)

Developed and exported a high-speed professional electric hair iron.

(Rises to 230 degree C within 18 sec)

Launched a wireless high frequency skincare device at Cosmoprof Bologna, Italy.

Developed a wireless hair iron (The first globally commercialized)

Developed a wireless devices for abdomen beauty care.

Company established.

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